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On Top Metals, Inc

Strengthen Structural Stability in Edmonton

On Top Metals, Inc is the go-to company offering roofing and wall system solutions. We provide installation of metal wall systems and metal roofing in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

We have been in the business since 2012, winning the trust of every commercial building owner with our dependable services.

Wall Systems

Metal wall systems are great for protecting your building while acting as an insulation medium.

Our metal cladding and corrugated metal wall systems are something you should consider for your buildings. We also offer metal and ACM panels.

Roofing Solutions

The durability of roofing and flashing solutions ensures that you are free from water leaks. We offer a wide range of colors for all your metal roofing and flashing needs. Take advantage of our job site manufacturing for customization.

Superior Products

We deliver a superior product with a commitment to excel in providing customer satisfaction and superior lifetime for products. Our metal roofing and wall systems will far exceed the lifetime of traditional building materials.